Bespoke Bridal


Designing and creating bespoke bridal dresses, incorporating upcycled materials when appropriate, tailored to a bride’s own unique style and flair.

What we do:

   Welcome to the bridal suite, the part of the studio where we make bespoke bridal gowns and accompanying bridal accessories. Everything here is constructed using both machine sewing and hand stitched couture detailing.

    The design process can be a collaborative one alongside UK based designer Dulcima working to bring the bride’s vision to life, alternatively Dulcima can offer an array of initial ideas to get a bride started if she’s still looking for inspiration.

Unlike anywhere else, we welcome the opportunity to reuse and incorporate parts of other gowns into a final design if a bride has part of an existing dress she’d like to incorporate.

Bespoke bridal shopping here gives the bride ultimate say over those big decisions that are often compromised when buying pre-made. We hand over as much or as little design input as the bride wishes and will assist where necessary drawing on the long history of gown-making and fashion-design experience Dulcima has accrued.

As we make-to-measure, the final garment will fit perfectly and can allow for any specific requirements the bride might have for sizing or movement.

    During an initial consultation with the bride, we ask for their ideas, thoughts, designs, themes and imagery of the ideal outfit and the wedding day. Dulcima then provides detailed fashion design art followed by continuous, reliable communication to ensure accurate developments can be made resulting in a final draft the bride is happy with.

    We’re also able to incorporate other garments (or parts of other garments) into the final design if there’s existing clothing that the bride wants to include for sentiment or aesthetic. We then meet again for a measure up and to confirm fabric choices then the cutting and sewing starts!

    Bridal gowns are delivered or picked up wrapped in a bridal dress carrier box with the option of dress hanger bag as well. Allow an 8 to 12 week lead time for a bespoke bridal gown and payments are required in instalments throughout the process.

What you do:

Some brides know exactly what they want to get married in, some have no idea - either way, the Dulcima Bespoke Bridal studio is here to bring your perfect wedding outfit to life

Kent-based fashion designer and seamstress Dulcima will assist your design process, filling in the gaps if you are unsure at any stage. 

Dulcima has designed and created a huge variety of dresses for all types of occasions so is able to embrace your stylistic theme and be sympathetic to the overall feel of your wedding day.

After a consultation, you will receive design artwork that illustrates the details outlined so you can start envisioning your final garment.

Via a reliable communication thread, you may request some design modifications to ensure the aesthetic design is exactly how you want it.

If you know exactly what type of fabric you want then Dulcima will steer the design to ensure it works well with the chosen fabric, if you are unsure about fabrics then we can provide suggestions.

Here, we also offer the very unique opportunity of incorporating an existing garment you might already have for the sake of remembrance, symbolism or aesthetic.

Combining a piece of textiles from your family’s history or from your newly-wed relationship can be one of the most meaningful and touching additions to your outfit.

Alternatively, it might just be that you include part of an existing garment because you simply like the look! In either case, the Dulcima Bespoke Bridal studio really is the best place to go to for a truly personalised and professional result. After a meeting to take measurements and to confirm fabric swatches and delivery options for your outfit, the garment construction can begin.

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