Custom Design


Creating custom made womenswear and menswear, using repurposed textiles where possible, while adhering to the personalised style, vision and requirements of the customer.

What we do:

   Welcome to the department of the Dulcima studio that transforms any clothing design from sketch to reality. With years of clothing design and sewing experience, UK dressmaker Dulcima offers the service to design and create womenswear and menswear precisely to your specific requirements. As Dulcima has had such varied dressmaking experience, including experimental costume projects, we confidently work with most dress fabric types and effectively get the most out of the fabric’s qualities and aesthetic.

    We can work with you to create something from scratch for a specific occasion, replicate an outfit from an image you like or reconstruct part of an existing garment, all services that are hard to find elsewhere! Final garments are machine or hand sewn dependant on specific details of each individual design

The process begins with an initial consultation to outline what needs making, what the garment is intended for and any important criteria or ‘must haves’ to bear in mind right from the start.

Dulcima will then provide specially personalised design art from which you can start envisioning your dream outfit. Any aesthetic tweaks or developments to the design must be communicated at this stage in order for Dulcima to complete your final draft artwork which will include illustrations, annotations and fabric choice.

    We promise reliable and efficient communication to keep this process as easy as possible. As this is a specially custom made garment made, it will be made to measure so another meeting will be scheduled to take measurements and for you to have a feel of fabric swatch options and to confirm your choice.
    Next step; fashion designer Dulcima pattern drafts, cuts, constructs and notifies you of delivery! Allow a 6 to 8 week lead time for a custom made design and payments are required in instalments throughout the process.

What you do:

Let your inner-designer flourish and create your custom made outfit here in Dulcima’s dressmaking studio in Kent. 

Whether you’ve dreamed up your perfect item of clothing or whether you’ve seen something you nearly like, UK fashion designer Dulcima is here to bring your vision to life and make you something that will want to wear for years to come. 

Maybe you’re looking for a very specific garment for a specific event and can’t find it anywhere - rather than endure the searching-slog (inevitably settling for a long-hunted compromise!) begin your specially custom-made journey and ensure your perfect garment encompasses all those details you want. 

Keep a record of images showing the sort of designs you like and the shapes you know you feel comfortable in, no one knows this more than you so even when working through design work with us at the Dulcima studio, these core factors must come from you! 

You might want to use a certain fabric, you might want to incorporate part of an existing garment, alternatively you might know nothing about fabric and would rather be advised; whatever the case, Dulcima will work with you and provide as much or as little guidance as you need to finalise your dream design.

After reviewing the initial design art sent by Dulcima, you must notify the Dulcima studio of any changes you want made at this stage, you’ll then receive a final design draft which requires your approval before any cutting or sewing can go ahead. 

We will arrange a second meeting to take your measurements and for you to confirm fabrics, after which - you can leave the manufacture of your custom made, specially designed outfit in the capable hands of the Dulcima fashion design studio!

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