Suit Tailoring


Providing high quality, long-lasting fashion tailored to be future-proof and consciously designed to live out its days alongside its wearer.

What we do:

This is where we work with you to create beautiful, long-lasting, tailor made suits. Wearing quality bespoke is a step towards a sustainable and world-conscious wardrobe as bespoke tailoring plays a big part in the ‘slow’ fashion movement. Our tailoring process, like most, requires more patience than mass produced fashion yet imparts a minuscule fraction of the textile waste, the reduced production chain also ensures all skill and labour can receive fair trade.

We work with a huge collection of top quality textiles that are all woven here in the UK; the fabrics range from traditional British fibres to bold, statement colours all in a variety of weights and thicknesses. Clothing made this way promises to be ultimately comfortable and practical as the fabric is cut specifically to fit around not only your shape but the way you stand and move.

Suits made here in the Kent based Dulcima studio are comprised of an outer fabric and lining fabric chosen by you but are also constructed using internal structuring fabrics such as canvas and wool which are painstakingly handstitched in a way that sculpts the garment to not only enhance but also fall perfectly around your shape.

These internal fabrics are natural and breathable and result in a quality of garment you will not see in any highstreet outlet.

    We offer the experience to design your own tailor made suit using our 3D modelling Suit Designer software. It walks you through every step of the design process from garment choice all the way through to button finishes and allows you to customise your suit design in realtime. Not only will your suit be made to reflect your visual style but also the dimensions of your garments can be altered throughout the years.

    These tailored garments will always be made-to-measure, the cloth is cut with extra allowance inside so jackets and trousers can be taken out easily here in our Kent-based studio if, and when, that becomes necessary - this why tailoring can be ‘future proof’ and tailor made clothing can live with you for life! We provide all our tailoring with your choice of storing options and require a lead time of 6 to 8 weeks

What you do:

By stepping into the 3D Suit Designer, you begin the journey of designing your specially tailored, made to measure suit

You can make bespoke custom changes to your garment at every stage so explore all the design details and see what suits you best. While the custom design process is handed entirely over to you, there are a few things that still need to be done in-person; you’ll be able to get a feel of the fabric textures and weights from a huge range of UK woven outer and lining fabrics we have to choose from.  

After confirming fabric choice, we’ll also need to take measurements and a bit later a fitting before the final garments are sewn up. Measurements and fittings can take place either in our Kent-based studio or in another suitable venue that might be more convenient for you.

You will receive reliable communication from designer tailor Dulcima throughout the whole process so ask questions and make enquiries at any point regarding design, fabric or fit.

A well-fitting, tailor made suit will be the most remarked upon item from any gentleman’s wardrobe as it notably elevates the wearer’s poise and stature, effortlessly proving the power of bespoke tailoring.

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