Sustainable Fashion


Using innovative, fun and carefree fashion design to repurpose the garments people don’t want into garments people do want.

What we do:

Dulcima, head fashion designer, ensures all clothing designs are playful yet environmentally-responsive and are manufactured in the UK from sustainable fabrics made by upcycling the donated unwanted garments and textiles we receive.

Welcome to the department where we turn your old clothes into new ones! It’s the place to find sustainable fashion at its best and offers a clothing range that is unique and ever-changing - we make what we can from what we get donated.

All garments have been ethically made in our UK studio and are designed by Kent-based fashion artist Dulcima. The brand look has a fun, offbeat and distinctive style; it embraces timeless trends and takes upcycled fashion to a new level due to the innovative, recycled fabrics we make and use. Garments here are made from pre-loved fabrics; they are easy-to-wear and can be worn alongside staple favorites you might already have (such as your go-to T-shirt or jeans) alternatively they can be teamed with complementing garments designed and manufactured in our studio.

The clothing will always be machine washable and has a strong, stylish visual aesthetic expressing ‘rootsy’ fashion in a sophisticated and understated way. 

    After collecting your second hand clothing, we repurpose the fabric by stamping out what we can and sewing it back up into coordinated, patchwork fabric rolls - all here in our studio amidst the rolling Kent countryside. These upcycled fabric rolls then get used to create an eco-responsive fashion range of womenswear, menswear and unisex clothing. We also remove the buttons of these garments, they get sorted by size and colour and are reused within the range.

    All garments designed by Dulcima to be an environmentally-conscious addition to any street casual outfit while making the statement that you support sustainable fashion. Our clothing is comfortable and wearable, covering a range of classic designs all using the trademark Dulcima brand patchwork. As we receive such a variety of textiles to work with, there’s endless mixing and matching going on; every garment we design has a stitched patchwork surface detail however the fabrics used together in one garment varies piece to piece. There’ll be some designs sewn up entirely from shades of one colour however there’ll also be designs available made up of lots of different (but coordinating) printed fabrics – this means there’s a never-ending array of options from subtle style all the way through to outright bold and it’s entirely up to you how you want to express yourself!

    Due to the construction process, the Dulcima sustainable fashion range couldn’t produce the same garment twice (repeating exact fabrics) even if it wanted to so you can be fully assured whatever you buy will be truly one of a kind.

What you do:

Visit our store to browse through the latest, and ever evolving, bespoke sustainable clothing range

Your experience here will be a straightforward boutique style of shopping, the only difference is that our entire clothing range is made up from repurposed discarded fashion.

Clothing here is pre-made in a range of UK dress sizes and each garment is absolutely guaranteed to be a unique, one-off item due to the construction method of our upcycled, patchwork fabric rolls.

You’ll find the range will be ever-developing as it is responsive to the garment fabric we get donated but will cover the basics of womenswear, menswear and unisex fashion. 

If you see something you like – get it there and then as we won’t be able to repeat anything exactly!

Clothing here will always be made in a variety of different patchworks - some will be brightly coloured, loud and wild while others will be demure, subtle and sophisticated - it’s up to you to choose which garments speak to you and represent you best.

These garments reflect you as a wearer; it is easy, low-maintenance, every day clothing that still expresses an individual style and your standpoint for something greater in the world of fashion.

Visit our store for the latest sustainable fashion collection 


• Please get in touch if you have any enquiries regarding designs or sizing.
• Returns accepted on the condition garments are returned in the same state we believe they were sent out in (in terms of marks and quality)
• Garment fabric is cleaned and checked, any areas deemed unhygienic or a risk to the fabric’s structural integrity is not re-used in our designs. Areas of deterioration that are not considered a health or quality risk to the final garment may still be used such as frayed edges, discoloration through sunlight or surface abrasion.
• Accurate sizing info listed with each product
• Sizing chart also available

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