take a brief look round the studio!


my name is Dulcima


I make bespoke fashion easy and accessible, offering maximum choice at minimum spend. Whenever I can repurpose fabric, I do. I always aim to reduce waste; to reduce production of one-use garments and reduce the time and money spent making them.

My dress studio is based in the rural greenery south of London where I am developing my re-wearable bridal range.


Design Intergration

It is no accident that all my designs are very flowery. My fabrics roses can use up offcuts as little as a £2 coin. Rose petals and leaves also accommodate a huge variety of different fabric types and colours. I appeal locally for unwanted textiles and these remnants go to the in-house stock ready to be upcycled. I gladly welcome customers’ own textiles to incorporate into their order as well.

Studio practices

As a rule, all pattern paper and artwork sheets make use of recycled paper and saved packaging. Salvaged scraps, buttons, fastenings and lots more are saved to be incorporated into upcycled orders. The studio building is equipped to burn waste card and paper cleanly and uses that energy to heat workspaces throughout the entire factory.

Lean fabric orders

When fabric is bought in specially, I buy what I need to the nearest possible centimetre. Even then, I endeavour to find the most locally sourced fabric possible that fits the customer’s requirements. Every garment here is made to order so jobs are uniquely handled and those minimal offcuts are carefully stored to be used as internal pieces and rose garlands in future orders.