Love Stories


"I loved the process, it was great I got to choose what I wanted and Dulcima filled in the gaps and made the whole become real. I felt so incredible in the dress on the day as well!"

One of my first bridal customers, Alex came to me with news she was going to be married in Canterbury Cathedral (one of the most astounding spaces) She wanted layered, handkerchief hems as she’d seen me do in some other dresses and some embroidery down the front and back of the bodice. Alex was so […]


"I was handed down a dress to wear by a relative, I loved the idea of re-wearing it but it was not my style at all. Dulcima completely remodelled it so I had a dress with an amazing story but also suited me"

Annabelle wanted to give a new life to a family wedding dress that had been handed down. We worked out the shapes that flattered her made her feel confident, at the same time reworking the heirloom dress. It’s always incredible working a with a piece of history, I get to see the previous dressmaker’s internal […]


"I couldn't ask for it to be more perfect, you made me feel so comfortable and relaxed through a process I was super worried about! My now-wife loves it so much too, I cannot thank you enough"

Georgina found a retail dress that was nearly right but not quite. Instead of settling, I made her a dress from scratch that included everything she loved and more. This meant the dress was only ever going to be better than expected – it fitted perfectly, had the detailing she loved but I was also […]


"We had to completely pivot and change the design entirely to suit a much smaller wedding due to Covid. Dulcima was so flexible and professional, she made the dress at such short notice in the end, it was a miracle!"

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Suzanne for so many years. She’s been a customer, far more a friend though, for many years now and frankly I absolutely love making anything for her. I love getting to know my customers when designing clothing for them, in this case I had yet MORE pleasure making […]


"One of the best experiences ever, I chose all the details I wanted and Dulcima brought it all to life amazingly. I felt so fantastic wearing it!"

Again, Marie is a customer… yet far more a friend. The moment she said ‘I’m thinking a Viv Westwood style corset’, I was completely sold and would not have her going anywhere else to find a dress… She got married in the Italian province of Abruzzo and wanted her dress to match the beautiful painted […]


"I loved wearing this dress, it took me to a new place and I embodied this ethereal, bohemian queen persona. Dulcima introduced the idea of the sleeves and I'm so glad we ran with this idea, as it ticked all the boxes but in such a beautiful way"

Grace didn’t know the exact dress she wanted to be wearing for her wedding, but she did know something magical and bohemian, yet classical. We ran with a Midsummer Night’s Dream as the theme and piece by piece it all came together. She looked and felt incredible in the dress and I couldn’t have asked […]