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However convenient internet shopping is, one thing it can’t offer is the true touch and feel of an item in your hands. I know – more than anyone – how tricky it is to buy fabric items from just a photo. Because of this, I strongly advise you get a real swatch delivered to make sure the colour, weight and texture of the fabric is right for you.

I can honestly say these fabrics are far better in real life than it’s possible to get from a photograph!

It is not possible to supply sample of rose fabrics.



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The Dulcima sustainable fashion fabric you are receiving a swatch of is the main garment fabric your design will be cut from. This is fabric bought in specially to the exact size we need to make your garment. This fabric is called Tencel and those in the eco-fashion world are going crazy for it. It’s made of fast growing trees, has a natural yet premium feel to it and is deemed the ultimate environmentally-friendly fabric going. Dulcima sustainable fashion fabric always strives to be the best choice in terms of quality and environmental conscience.



Well hello… Having worked with recycled and repurposed fabrics for so many years, I know the true difficulty of working with, and offering, upcycled fashion. I like to think we’ve all got past the idea that ‘if someone’s worn it before, then I can’t’. There are many irregularities and problems that can arise from reusing second hand fabrics, mainly nothing is ever the same! 

I personally love this aspect and have dedicated my life to designing garments that can be made reliably and (to an extent) repeatably. I’ve ensured to design in rose details that can accommodate upcycled scraps down to less than the size of your palm (ultimate offcut saving!) and can be matched via colour scheme than by exact shade.



I want to provide the perfect bohemian-inspired event wear that reflects your personal style and aligns with your values. This is the ultimate destination for eco-conscious customers seeking ethically made, organic, and eco-friendly event attire. My collection combines the timeless allure of vintage aesthetics with contemporary styles, ensuring that you find the outfit of your dreams while minimising your ecological footprint.



I am committed to promoting a more sustainable fashion industry. I repurpose and upcycle pre-loved fabrics giving new life to used materials, resulting in stunning creations that embody timeless elegance. Every stitch, fabric and detail is thoughtfully crafted, ensuring that your outfit tells a story of conscious fashion choices.

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White – satin mix, Ivory – satin mix, Blush – Tencel, Red – Tencel, Blueberry – Tencel