Terms and Conditions

Estimates calculated based approximately on the time and materials it will cost to make your design

Estimates are accurate to within +/-15%

Final Garment Artwork is a 2D representation from which Dulcima will interpret an accurate physical garment design

Quoted figure is precise and includes:

• Your postage and packing option


Deposit = £350 to be paid before Design communication commences

1st Payment = a third of Quoted figure after deposit amount has been deducted

2nd Payment = equivalent to 1st Payment

Final Payment = remaining third of Quoted figure plus any outstanding additional charges

– Payments can be divided into 5 overall payments instead of 4 (if requested)



Worked hours cannot be refunded

Material costs cannot be refunded after purchase


If I do not receive required information from you within 14 working days, your job is subject to cancellation

Internal pieces and structuring of your design can potentially be cut from matching, unobtrusive, upcycled remnants unless you opt out


Depending on your design, a separate fabric steamer/steaming service may be required for day of wear!