How accurate is the estimate to the final price?
the quoted price will be 10-15% more or less of the estimated price

What if I don’t know what I want?
that’s fine, I’ll ask you to make a note of dress ideas you like as and when you see them. Those will be our starting point

How much is the deposit?
£350, it covers the aesthetic designwork and is deducted from the quote

How will I know what the dress will look like?
I can provide you with illustrations that combine the details you want

What if I can’t travel to the studio?
the consultation and measurements can be done over Zoom, if you physically cannot get to the studio for your fitting, I can arrange to come to you

Are there any hidden costs once work has started?
I outline all things that can incur extra costs right at the start so you will be aware

How long does it all take?
3 months minimum

What will make my dress more expensive?
making changes after work has commenced, particularly expensive fabric, corsetry, spending more than 2 months on the Design stage

What will make my dress cheaper?
simpler designs, cheaper fabric, less time on the Design Chat stage

How are you sustainable?
I save and reuse offcuts to use internally in my designing. I also welcome upcycling and reworking existing garments brought in by the customer

Can I make changes after work has started?
you can but they will be subject to what’s possible at the stage of work. They also may incur an extra cost

What’s the price range?
average minimum cost is £2000, however prices depend hugely on many factors

What if I don’t like it?
you have to feel comfortable and happy in your dress, if at the fitting stage you’re not happy, I will do what I can to change course for you. Reworking will have to incur an additional charge

Do I have to pay for the consultation?

Can I back out?
backing out before entering the Design Chat means no time or money is lost. Backing out later in the process means any work done cannot be refunded

Can I have photos of my dress being made?
you can! I can send progress shots, this will incur a very small additional fee

Do I have to take my own measurements?
yes if we do measurements via Zoom, alternatively you can come to the studio and I will do them

Is the deposit refundable?
if no work has been done at the time of backing out then yes. If work has started then deposit is subject to a partial refund

Terms and Conditions:
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Have I missed something?

Fire over your questions and I’ll get back to you asap!